Book cover contest and sage perspective

I am three chapters into my new e-Novel, Head on a Grave. There is a contest by another blogger who will design a free book cover. One of the rules is to post a pitch of the book to be voted on by her followers. Deadline is December 31st. You can read more here.

So here is my pitch under 50 words:

While on vacation in 1927, Hollywood screenwriter Chet Koski and his wife Eveleen, both amateur sleuths, antagonize a divided small town, unravel a kidnapping, discover a timber scandal, and Chet fears his cousin may be a killer. These things happen when finding a head on a grave.


All of us Indie writers need to share wisdom and insight from others because we are in a community. Besides this contest that Ana is having she wrote in another blog about all the things we hear about, like ‘write a good book,’ and about pricing, and about social media. Like me, you may have discovered what Ana has to say. Good stuff. That blog is here.


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