From the quill to the Word Doc. writers have experienced things that go wrong. Shakespeare may have been working on Hamlet one morning, about to put quill to parchment, when perhaps not fully awake, he accidentally knocks over the ink bottle, the ink flowing over the words, ‘to be or not to be.’ Will may have had one of those mornings when he was wondering whether to be a writer, or not to be a writer.

Dashiell Hammett may have been typing furiously to meet a deadline when two or three typewriter keys, one heading towards the page and a couple returning from leaving their imprint, bang together in a twisted metal pileup. Or, for those who obsess about yellow lined legal paper, a writer in a writing frenzy did not notice he was about to run out of paper, and hurries to the store to procure more, but the store is out, and so too is every store in town, because his bitter rival bought up every yellow lined legal pad in town.

I am guessing few writers today use quill and ink, though some old school writers may still use a typewriter or yellow legal paper. Today the tool of choice is Word doc. and keyboard. And ancillary tools like  spell check, formatter, software that creates your website or blog, hash tags on Twitter, Google+ communities, Facebook, everything associated with a PC, Kindle Direct Publishing, all the other e-book publishers, the Kindle itself, and everything associated with everything I am omitting due to time constraints. What could go wrong?

I think quill and ink is looking good right now.

So this blog, that I hope you will not only follow, but contribute to with your experience writing in Cyber world, can through sharing, not only give a laugh, but leave information and knowledge, so us loonies who write without quill and ink can feel connected through our experiences to a community, even if we are loonies in a loony cyber space.


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