Why I give thanks and why I thank you

In a recent blog I bemoaned that I wrote over 1,700 words in chapter three of my new novel and apparently forgot to click ‘save.’ When I discovered what happened I wrote notes of what had transpired in the story and let it sit one week. I could not bring myself to redo  it. Agony. But finally knowing I had to proceed, I wrote 2,700 + words and it came out better with a great ending to chapter three.

So I am thankful that when something bad happens, whether to me or to you, steps can be taken to redeem one’s mistakes, laziness, and stupidity. Things can be fixed, so if you know you need to fix it, now is the time.

I also want to thank those who periodically read this blog and for those who have liked a post, and or commented. I enjoyed reading your blogs as well and am thankful to be in a nice community with all of you. So I wish you a happy Thanksgiving and I hope you enjoy the food and family time.


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One response to “Why I give thanks and why I thank you

  1. That really is something to be thankful for. I am not usually that lucky and tend to dwell on what I lost. I guess I have to work on that! Happy Thanksgiving!


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