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Dispatch from the proofreading war zone; casualties reported


The reason I look like our friend to the left is because I emphasize with him after 1, 269 run-throughs of proofreading my new e-novel “Silent Murder.” I have the book in the formatter and am finding missing periods. Were they not there previously? Have they left of their own accord? Are they holding out for some reason? Have I mistreated them somehow?

Then there are quotation marks. Some are indented the wrong way; some, of course, are missing, having no doubt run off with a  few periods. They do hang out together from time to time. I am in the sixth chapter of proofreading and so far these are the two main attacks on my story.

Yes I said attacks.

You see I am suspicious of the formatter. I try to edit and change the punctuation, but every time my finger hits a keystroke nothing shows up for about 30 seconds. I receive a message that it is slow to respond. Thank you for the update. Otherwise, how would I have known.

It would appear the formatter is aiding and abetting the escape of periods and quotation marks; not only that, it will not correct the quotation marks that are there, but need to be moved one space. It would not surprise me in the least if the formatter is behind the plot, but more investigation is needed.

The thing is you see, I had done proofreading prior to uploading to the formatter and though after innumerable run throughs where everything looked on the up and up, I expected a few aberrations, but really, what I have found leads me to suspect sabotage. It is as if punctuation either does not like the formatter, have been killed in the transfer, or do not wish to live outside word.doc. Perhaps they are afraid of getting lost in the Amazon jungle of a million e-books.

At any rate. This is where I am. Resting on a branch, exhausted from chasing down escaped punctuation.

The war will continue despite the brief respite. It is far from over. Like Douglas MacArthur I shall return, and in the end I shall be victorious. Until some reader points out an error in my book. War is Hell.

My website is here-unless it too has disappeared.

My previous books with included punctuation are here.



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