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Are readers dictating e-Book prices

Everyone wants a good deal, especially if something is free and e-Readers may be dictating the future of e-Books. There are many sites devoted to getting cheap if not free books. I will not list them all, they are easy to find with Google magic. I subscribe to Book Bub and I can select what type of books I am interested in and everyday in my inbox are books, some for 99 cents, some for free. Some are $2.99-what to they think I am a millionaire. Being an avid reader and bargain consumer I love it. The cheap ones I mean.

Book Bub is one of the best and I don’t want to know how many sites like them are out there. As an indie e-book author on Amazon I am afraid to find out. But we just might be on the forefront of change, as who will spend $3.99 for an e-Book, especially by an unknown, when they can pick and choose great buys, some from famous authors by signing up for a newsletter, a newsletter that, in essence, does the search for you.

The original prices for my books were $2.99 because that is what everyone said at the time. It became the standard. Of course one must always wonder who THEY are. Are they The Hardly Enlightened Yahoos. It was, however, the prevailing accepted price. Then someone said it should be $3.99 because if you value your work, believe you have written good stories, then you should be paid accordingly to distance yourself from those $2.99 folk.

I thought about it, then changed the price. I did not notice any significant downturn in sales so kept it at the higher price. At some point I thought of reverting to the original price during a sluggish sales period, but I then read a blog that said once you raise the price it is not a good idea to go back as the readers who paid the higher price may feel cheated. It made sense, but I have to come to the opinion it doesn’t matter. In the end you must do what you feel is best, not what others say or think, no matter if you believe they-remember them- make sense.

But will it now make a difference? Is $2.99 now too high a price with so many savvy readers paying 99 cents, at the most $1.99 for quality books. There is a proliferation of sales and cheap e-Books, and the smart reader knows this and loves it. In the future indie authors may be squeezed out of the market  just as they are squeezed out from traditional publishing. I have no illusions of being a best selling writer, but a steady income  of mad money would be nice.

So what to do? This year I will advertise more, and I may revert to my old price (still percolating in my sub-human brain), but all of us Indie e-Book authors are facing important questions, none of which have to do with plot and structure.

On my Amazon page you will find my books at $3.99. Buy now before the price drops.




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A book lovers dream house

room with viewA book lover by nature wants a house with a view and especially a view of water. Here we have a nice corner nook with a wooden floor (book lovers don’t go in for plush shag carpeting) with a tasteful rug, and a comfortable chair with armrests. And of course you notice two shelf bookcases filled with books. In the middle of the picture between those two cushions is an area for cheese and crackers and a glass of wine. Or, if you are like me, a dozen maple bars.

This area is one in which you read the classics. It is perfect for Homer’s Odyssey, The Last Days of Socrates by Plato, Paradise Lost, but nothing of Thoreau. You take Thoreau when you go camping.

Having immersed yourself in the classics during the week, you can read cozy mysteries here on weekends.




home libraryTo the right you is a picture you see a wonderful library guarded by your dog-he comes with the house-and you notice his front legs are ready to spring into action as a true guard dog would do in protecting your library. On the other hand he could be thinking you are bringing him a treat. And look at the most comfy chair to snuggle up with a book and the small side table for more wine-Riesling, for this room, red for the corner nook above. A must have spiral staircase and a ladder for checking out all the great references books like The Oxford History of the Classical World, or The Complete Sherlock Holmes, or perhaps John Fowles, but not Harold Robbins or Jackie Collins.

And I am sure you notice the window facing the armchair. If you don’t like the view you can place a High-definition TV there in order to watch Masterpiece Theatre, then read Thackeray, Dickens, Thomas Hardy, and Kurt Vonnegut.



closet book nookAnd here we have a wonderful Nook. This can be your office. I think the room is too feminine and the horse and rider must go along with the wallpaper. This room is a fixer-upper.

But it has great potential with perhaps the most comfortable place to read in the house. It is also a place where you are more liable to fall asleep so you want more light reading here. Or books you don’t want any visitors to know that you read. You know who I mean, Harold Robbins-but Tom Robbins is perfect; not Jackie Collins, but Willkie Collins is okay.

It is also a cozy place to settle in with your significant other and read erotica together. If no ‘other’ is available, this is a good spot for your cat to settle onto your lap and purr as you read the play script of Cats. And you can serenade your pet with songs from the play.

I suggest doing that last bit when no company is in the house, otherwise you are likely to end up in therapy.


Here we have a unique chair. The cushion looks comfy, but your elbows may have to rest on the tops of books as they are taller than the chairs side. I recommend paperbacks on the top so that problem is eliminated. The type of books are cop thrillers, suspense, horror-Dean Koontz and Stephen King-and fast summer types of reads.

book chair






And now to bed.




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A book blasts readers in controversial interview

I recently pulled a book off my shelf after it agreed to be interviewed for this blog. It has requested the title not be identified so as not to unduly influence one way or another how it should be viewed. It speaks for all books, except e-books, which we will discover.

Q: Let’s talk about your heritage, where you come from, your ancestry.

A: Well the word ‘book’ comes from the word ‘bog’ which is the Danish word for birch tree. Not everyone agrees with that; there has been some controversy about the origin of the word, but as a book, I know the truth. I can trace my ancestors back to parchment, and I believe there is some distant connection to sheepskin, but parchment for sure. I am made from pulp, which comes from trees, so I am not a tree hugger. Books need trees to live, so when a tree dies, I know a book will be born. Save a tree you kill dozens of books, maybe many more, maybe hundreds. But I don’t understand these new things called e-books. I am told we are sort of related, but they seem like aliens from another planet. I don’t really see how we are related. And don’t get me started on audio books. Please! A book is a book. A recording is a recording. I would rather be related to an e-book than an audio book. Talking Books? Ridiculous.

Q: How do feel you are treated by readers? Any complaints?

A: Are there any complaints? Ha! Most readers are good, the true book lovers you know, but other readers are downright careless and uncaring. Consider  those who read while eating-not you by the way. . .(Thanks I answer) and especially those who eat in bed. Please watch your crumbs. I hate it when they fall into my page creases. Please floss me before you turn the page. Keep floss handy. Speaking of food, do you have any idea what ketchup stains do to my self esteem? Even worse is those drinking hot coffee or tea. Every little drop or spill burns my texture and that part of me dies.

Q: Well lets talk about positive things you do.

A: Before we move on, please people, don’t leave me where a dog can get at me. Getting chewed on by a dog’s sharp teeth is not pleasant, believe me. I am not a bone to be gnawed on. And they drool which I think happens to soften up what they gnaw on for the kill. Sorry. Those teeth scare me, though nothing like one book I know. He won’t mind me mentioning his title, but Fahrenheit 451 is paranoid about fire. I tell him, we all are, but his case is worse, which I certainly understand. Anyway, lets move on.

Q: What sort of things do you feel proud of?

A: Oh, one more thing, maybe two. Be careful when you flex my spine. My spine is flexible like readers, but it can also be damaged and broken. And I have no medical so take of me and I will take care of you. And I know when you find me in a bookstore, I look perfect, new and shiny. But you should see what happens to me in a book warehouse. My god, those people are careless. I’m surprised most of us make it out of there intact.

Q: So what do you like about being a book?

A: I hope this will not be taken the wrong way, but I love being on a bookstore shelf and see people come in and look at me. And I just love it when they open me up, put there noses in my pages and take a long inhaled sniff of me. I just adore and cherish the intimacy between the reader and myself. It begins there. And then being read in bed is wonderful; just have the floss handy as I have said.

Q: You sound a bit kinky.

A: I see nothing kinky about it. I love watching your face as you read me. I watch your expression, catching every little nuance; seeing your eyes go back and forth, the way your eyebrows rise in wonder or tension, or excitement. I love your scowls, your surprise, every emotion. When I see that I know we are communicating. 

Q: Does it bother you when a reader puts a bookmark in your pages and sets you aside?

A: No. Well, I mean I am glad when you pick me up again. I do admit that being opened and closed, opened and closed, opened and closed is what we call reader interruptus. Not Good. It really spoils the mood. But I am always there for you. Maybe your wife or girlfriend is not there for you. Or your boyfriend or husband is not there for you. But I am always there. I am nothing if not patient. And I am like a car in a way for a car can take you anywhere and so can I. To distant lands, to meet new people. Give you adventure, make you cry, make you laugh, make you think. A car, by the way can’t do that, though you shouldn’t think while driving, and don’t try to engage me when driving. Not smart.

Q: What are things you don’t understand?

A: Easy. I don’t understand why some of us books get banned. What did we do you? Readers don’t have to like us. Heck some of us don’t like some readers-and you know who you are-but there is no reason to ban us, burn us, or censor us. We are just telling you something, nothing more. You don’t have to agree with everything. And we are not responsible for what you read. Our creator makes us say what we say. Don’t blame the messenger you know.  And another thing, don’t feel sorry for those of us on a bargain or discount table. We do not need pity. We will find a home. We are strong and believe in ourselves.

Q: Do you have a motto, anything like that?

A: I don’t know whether I am fact or fiction. I just am. How’s that? It is all the same to a book. Except for those highbrow textbooks. They are smug and arrogant. But the joke is on them because new information makes them obsolete. I have no idea what happens to the old foggy textbooks. I don’t think I want to know.

Q: Any parting words?

A: Yes. I don’t mind you taking me into the bathroom to read, just don’t leave me in there, especially on top of the toilet tank.  It smells in there.

Next I interview an e-book

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