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A book lovers dream house

room with viewA book lover by nature wants a house with a view and especially a view of water. Here we have a nice corner nook with a wooden floor (book lovers don’t go in for plush shag carpeting) with a tasteful rug, and a comfortable chair with armrests. And of course you notice two shelf bookcases filled with books. In the middle of the picture between those two cushions is an area for cheese and crackers and a glass of wine. Or, if you are like me, a dozen maple bars.

This area is one in which you read the classics. It is perfect for Homer’s Odyssey, The Last Days of Socrates by Plato, Paradise Lost, but nothing of Thoreau. You take Thoreau when you go camping.

Having immersed yourself in the classics during the week, you can read cozy mysteries here on weekends.




home libraryTo the right you is a picture you see a wonderful library guarded by your dog-he comes with the house-and you notice his front legs are ready to spring into action as a true guard dog would do in protecting your library. On the other hand he could be thinking you are bringing him a treat. And look at the most comfy chair to snuggle up with a book and the small side table for more wine-Riesling, for this room, red for the corner nook above. A must have spiral staircase and a ladder for checking out all the great references books like The Oxford History of the Classical World, or The Complete Sherlock Holmes, or perhaps John Fowles, but not Harold Robbins or Jackie Collins.

And I am sure you notice the window facing the armchair. If you don’t like the view you can place a High-definition TV there in order to watch Masterpiece Theatre, then read Thackeray, Dickens, Thomas Hardy, and Kurt Vonnegut.



closet book nookAnd here we have a wonderful Nook. This can be your office. I think the room is too feminine and the horse and rider must go along with the wallpaper. This room is a fixer-upper.

But it has great potential with perhaps the most comfortable place to read in the house. It is also a place where you are more liable to fall asleep so you want more light reading here. Or books you don’t want any visitors to know that you read. You know who I mean, Harold Robbins-but Tom Robbins is perfect; not Jackie Collins, but Willkie Collins is okay.

It is also a cozy place to settle in with your significant other and read erotica together. If no ‘other’ is available, this is a good spot for your cat to settle onto your lap and purr as you read the play script of Cats. And you can serenade your pet with songs from the play.

I suggest doing that last bit when no company is in the house, otherwise you are likely to end up in therapy.


Here we have a unique chair. The cushion looks comfy, but your elbows may have to rest on the tops of books as they are taller than the chairs side. I recommend paperbacks on the top so that problem is eliminated. The type of books are cop thrillers, suspense, horror-Dean Koontz and Stephen King-and fast summer types of reads.

book chair






And now to bed.




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Reasons why writers go E-book rather than traditional publishing

A writer has a manuscript, revised and edited, critiqued and edited again. The writer then compiles list of agents accepting queries for genre of manuscript. He submits queries. (Note: Some agents expect you to query them exclusively, then wait two  months for answer. Note to note: What world do these agents live in?). Writer then secures agent five years later.

Agent wants changes, writer complies. Two or three times. Agent submits manuscript to publisher nine months later. Editor at publishing house likes it, discusses project with editorial board and sub committees. Profit and loss statement is prepared to determine if it is profitable to proceed.

If it passes though all boards, offer given to agent, who shares with writer.  Negotiations go back and forth for a couple of months as clauses are added, others deleted, some amended. Agent trying to protect writer, publisher’s legal counsel trying to protect publisher. At this juncture writer has now written three books while waiting for first book to be published.

Editor sends contract to agent who sends it to author. Once signed, editorial notes are written and revised. and final manuscript submitted. Then manuscript goes to production department. Proof sent to author for double checking-as if the writer wants to read the book he wrote years ago.

The back cover is prepared along with other tools to publicize the book as generated by publicity department. Galley copies go to media for review, provided you are lucky enough that publisher thinks book is worthy of reviews.

Book goes into stores and sales begin. One month later book is on bargain table. Elapsed time from submission of queries to book on bargain table is same time as it takes to travel to Mars. Chance of new writer getting lucky enough to have book published is same chance of seeing the Loch Ness Monster at a Broadway  revival of a 1920’s George M. Cohan play.

Writer decides to go indie and publish e-book. He goes to Kindle, uploads manuscript, fills out all relative information, clicks publish. Elapsed time same as drinking two cups of tea. On e-month later book is on Cyber bargain table.

But it was a lot more fun.

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