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Webinar thoughts for Indie writers-beware

We live in an information age, and there is too much information, much of it sounds good, until somebody points out an obvious truth that blows up what you thought was true, but then you wonder if the ‘new’ truth is accurate. For an indie writer writing e-Books I heard over and over you need to have lots of books on Amazon. But someone said, it does not matter how many books, it is a myth, you need to learn to market, that Amazon is a search engine, and you need to increase your ability to get searchers to your books, then somebody tells you, but . .  wait a  minute. Halt. I am getting confused here.

I have attended three webinars, all were free. I learned many things, but in two of the webinars, the hosts, who were writers themselves, had a lot to say about marketing, and if you are a writer I need not go into all of that, you have heard it before. While their information-what they would share of it-was good; it told you what to do, but not the fine points of how. That would of course cost you money, as much as $500 to $700 for their course module. I have no doubt it can be done if you follow what they say. It is not the work that bothers me, but there are two points to be made.

One is that many people will go all in, but not follow through over time. The exhilaration and excitement wears off. The second is that you have to ask yourself how many books must you sell to offset the cost of what I am buying. If you are sure you can sell a few hundred books, then go for it. It is also true that what works for some people will not work for everybody. It is impossible that everybody will succeed. Some succeed, others will do the same things, but fail.

I made a purchase at the first webinar I attended. It had little to do with marketing and strategy. It only cost about $90 and would position my books on the Internet with very creative web pages. It was something like a website. Unfortunately I don’t think people ever found it. I think the product had an un-search engine. I liked the pages I was able to create, but it was a waste of money in the end.

So yes, I am leery, but I am also leery of professional marketers and pitchmen. They talk a great game. In the end if you attend any webinars, or come across anyone or anything that promises a result you desire, remember to weigh the cost.

This book will cost only $3.99 on Amazon. So save hundreds of dollars today.



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How not to sell your book

I have read much about how indie writers should not sell their books and I agree that many of the methods some writers use are crass.

One should not make a direct appeal to blog followers by promoting their book. God forbid they might actually enjoy your story. So I will henceforth not make direct appeals. (Though of course if you want to visit my Amazon page-a link is provided below. Or if you want to visit my website, that link is also provided below). 

Nor will I cater to your sensitivity to animal cruelty, despite the fact I have a cat that was rescued from an abusive owner. Yes I give her, of the sadly soulful eyes, treats and yes I frequently pet her softly as she sits in my lap purring loudly with contentment. She follows me everywhere, as does my devoted spaniel, another rescue, who limps behind me with the cat shouldering the spaniel so she will not fall over. No, I can not prey on your heart.

Nor do I wish to use my disarming news of my doctor’s assessment that I have six months to live because of incurable athletes foot.  I have gotten three second opinions and they all agree neither surgery or amputation will amend the problem. I will await my fate with quiet dignity. Though what fate my teary eyed cat and, for all intent, a three legged dog, will meet without resources gained from the sale of my books, is unknown. No, I will not, do not wish, to ever sell books that way.

Nor do I desire to use my service as a Vietnam War veteran, a victim of agent orange and  that war stress syndrome thing, whatever it is called. Despite my having saved dozens of South Vietnamese children from mass murder, an action that won me a prestigious medal, no I can not use that to sell books either. (Mainly because I flunked my physical and was unable to serve my country). 

Nor will I offer free books for positive reviews, nor will I pay for reviews.

No, I can do nothing of the sort. I will do only what is left to do. And that is nothing, but just sit and twiddle my thumbs. (Both of which were broken by neighborhood bully).

Don’t go to my Amazon page. ttp://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38

Nor to my website. http://terrynelson.net/






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Don’t promote your book-let your fictional character do it for you.

Like it or not, all Indie writers, as well as established writers, must promote their book one way or another. It is harder for us Indie writers because, if you are like me, publicity agents cost money, so does advertising, and forget any talk shows.

But one way to create interest is to have your main character have his own blog. I can promote my books through my blog, have done so from time to time, in the process sharing information about writing, my experiences, hopefully with humor along the way. But I figure I should let Chester Koski do more of the work.

Chester is my lead character in two e-novels on Amazon and is currently helping me finish his third book which will be available early this spring. Chet’s blog will be separate from this blog. He said he will introduce himself, talk about his experience on the 1911 New York Giants, perhaps share more than he told in his first adventure, “Loonies in the Dugout,” and hopefully tell us more about his chorus girlfriend Eveleen Sullivan. Of course we are also interested in his friends Charlie Faust, Bat Masterson, George M. Cohen, Christy Mathewson, and Damon Runyon, among others. And I am sure he will reveal even more about his solving the mystery of silent film director William Desmond Taylor, as chronicled in “Loonies in Hollywood.” He may even talk about his current case, but I will let him tell that-if he chooses.

My hope, other than passing the promoting buck to a fictional character, is that he will entertain, tease, inform, and, who is kidding who-he is a mask to hide behind. And what writer does not like to hide behind his characters, let them do the talking, let him take the fall for us sensitive types. I think Chet will do well and am curious to see how many followers he will gain.

His bog will begin soon and I will promote it for him when he is ready. It is the least I can do for him. I trust his blog career will not interfere with his screen writing career with Paramount, or his marriage to Eveleen, or his attempt to solve the murders of sound technicians that he is currently working on.

If you desire to catch up on his life his e-novels are found here. http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38



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