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The cover for my new e-mystery Silent Murder




This is the cover for my new e-book to be published on Amazon Kindle before the end of the month. I love the cover because it takes place in the summer of 1927 before  “The Jazz Singer” opened up and changed movie history. The novel is about a serial killer murdering sound technicians at movie studios, trying to prevent sound movies. The murder weapon is always a knife, and the killer is always silent in his attacks. I love the way Silent is in white and Murder is in red. I find it eye catching. It might even be better than the story.

Total cost was $5.50. There is a website called Fiverr.com that do all sorts of things for $5.00. The person who did the above cover also did my first e-novel “Loonies in the Dugout” and she is doing my next two books that will be out Halloween week; one being “More Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms” a collection of short stories to startle you for Halloween. The first book of cemetery Tales is here and this cover was done by another person from the same website. The second book will be a collection of my blogs from the past two years, called “Terry’s Quill,” the logline-for now-is ‘Blogging through the loony adventures of an e-novelist in Cyber World.’

Covers are the key. They are the first impression; it brings the reader to click the buy button. I like the cover so much I think I will even buy the book.

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