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What’s in a name-Oh My-read on

Doing my end of year cleaning through old files I ran across something I Xeroxed well over a decade ago. It is an article I believe came from a magazine. It is a short piece on the hidden meanings within names of well known actors. For instance if you rearrange the letters of actor Christian Slater, you get- Thin, classier rat. You can make your own jokes.

I could¬† save the best for last, but I will give it here, it is too precious. Clint Eastwood, when you rearrange the letters in his name you get, and what could be more perfect-Old west action. Makes you wonder doesn’t it. Eastwood made a name for himself, first in television with “Rawhide,” then in those spaghetti westerns, not to mention other great westerns he made like “Unforgiven” that won four Oscars.

Want more? Woody Allen is A lewd loony. Former wife Mia farrow may think he is both loony and lewd. I prefer his looniness.

Jennifer Aniston is Fine in torn jeans. I am sure she is.

Kim Basinger is Big sin maker. In her day she certainly was, and in a good way.

Tom Cruise is I’m so cuter. I am not making these names up. Feel free to rearrange the letters yourself.

Oliver Stone is No overt lies. Were there any in JFK? Or was that an enigma wrapped in a riddle?

Sean Connery is On any screen. And that works for me. Best James Bond ever.

Stanley Kubrick is Kinky, abler cuts. He did make a kinky movie, “Eyes Wide Shut” and as director he cut lots of films, and was quite able to do so.

Mel Gibson is Limbs N’ ego. Enough said.

Sigourney Weaver is Ever rogue in ways. Boy, was she rogue in “Alien” or what.

Kate Winslet is Wet skin tale. I think she got her skin wet in the tale of the “Titanic”.

Adam Sandler is Mad lad earns. Money certainly, more than he earns laughs though.

Leonardo DiCaprio is Adored in cool pair. Of shorts?

Then there are others like the following that cause one to pause.

Michael Douglas is Eh! I am a cold slug. Sorry man.

Goldie Hawn is Winged halo.

Dustin Hoffman is Offhand, I’m nuts.

Geena Davis is Age invader

Demi Moore is Moodier me

Uma Thurman is Ah! A mum turn. Is she playing mothers yet?

And finally I close with Drew Barrymore who is Merry wardrobe.

or should I close with Jamie Lee Curtis who is Slim juice eater

I will add one to the list in consideration of a recent holiday. Santa is Satan. But we knew that, right? 

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