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Best blog ever! A must read! Not to be missed!

If the above words caught your attention and made you read this blog, then you understand the power of blurbs; those short ridiculous promotional quotes from critics, other authors, friends of the author, and those who may have actually read the book (yes there are those who blurb about a book, but never read it).

The same is true of movies, the blurbs coming in TV ads where you see-for less than a second- a big blocked word like OUTSTANDING, with smaller print below that from said critic. But it goes by so fast you never know who wrote the review, or whether he just said the word after leaving a private screening where the critic was given wine and cheese, along with a new Rolex.

Having written film reviews for ten years I always avoided phrases or words where I would be quoted; though, since I was writing for a small town newspaper, it was unlikely anything I wrote would be quoted anywhere. But I have long thought most of the blurbs, besides being taken out of context, were written by someone whose reviews were published in a free publication promoting grocery savings. Not mine, they were in an actual daily newspaper, and the review was not with the grocery ads.

I bring this up because of the following eye opening article, which is, to my thinking, a real must read. And it comes as no surprise to me. Will you be?

All about blurbs click here


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