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Why I am digitally moving

For those who have followed or joined me along the way of my 257 posts I am moving. I have created a new WordPress website where I will continue blogging about writing including a ‘who I am’ page and links to my e-books with a synopsis of each. I hope you will check it out and continue to follow me. If you have time let me know if you like the new site. The new site is here.


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Why I changed my blogs title and why you might want too as well

When I first started my blog back in the Stone Age I  chose The Quill, the E-World, and the Looniness. The reason is that quill is indicative of writing in the days of yore, the yore days belonging to some guy named Shakespeare; but now we are in the E-World, thus the second word in the title. The looniness comes from my world view that we are all a bit loony, not in a pejorative or derogatory sense,  but one with affection in how silly we all are.

I did notice that in my first blog, instead of E-World, the L was missing, coming out E-Word. Well that works just as well, so I let it go.

Recently I read an e-book by Kristen Lamb called “Rise of the Machines” in which she talks about the social media world and how best for writers and bloggers to use it. One thing she mentions is to avoid cutesy monikers. As cute and fun as I think my title is (was), it does not service my brand.

I pause here to say that I loath and detest the word ‘brand.’ I understand that as an author you want an easy identification for people in the E-World, something recognizable. My website is terrynelson.net, so my blog should have my name in it as well, thus the change to Terry Nelson’s Quill. I love the word quill and I think it more eye catching, and there you are.

As all bloggers do,  I would like followers, and like any author I want to sell books and hope readers like them. I have no illusions about being a best selling author, but I do want to sell books. And any author should not be shy in stating that. I enjoy the art of writing, but the business side leaves me fifty shades of cold.

So now I have come out of the electronic brand closet, tossing my name into the digital world. I have branded myself. Ouch!

My website


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What happens to your blog and e-books when you die

It is something in the back of my deteriating brain. What happens to my royalties when I depart into Never Neverland? Anne R. Allen answers that and more in her recent blog. She also talks about what happens to your blog. This is a must for all writers. You can read her detailed account here


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Do blog readers feel cheated at 300 words

When I first began blogging I read from many sources that a blog should be 300-350 words because in todays social media culture people don’t have time to read long articles; they prefer short and quick. So I followed the herd and usually kept it at 350 or so, sometimes going crazy with over 400 words.

Now I’m told things have changed. I have read in another blog (of course) that 1,000 is the new 300. Readers feel cheated, they want something longer, more substantial. If this is true I wish you readers would make up your mind. My question is who said 300 words to begin with and who said 1,000 words now?

Should we bloggers believe anything we read. (You can believe me though-most of the time). We as readers, we as humans, need not to listen to what others say we should do. Why should I believe 1,000 is now the acceptable blog length. Where is the data? Who took a survey?  I read nothing in the New York Times, the Washington Post, nor have I read anything on the Internet, other than the blog I read. And it was written from a reliable blogger and author.

Lets be honest. None of that matters. Whether it is 300 or 1,000 it is about content, not word count. The only arbiter in social media is the reader and there are all kinds of readers, those that like long blogs, those that like short blogs and on and on. There are readers who like short novels and those that like long novels and those that just like a good read and dame the word count.

Henceforth I will write what I want to write. Maybe it will be 200 words. Maybe 300-400. Occasionally I may get to 1,000.  The things is that  writing 1,000 words for a blog takes away from a good deal of fiction writing, one in which I would like to write 1,500 to 2,000 words.

The last paragraph ended at 314 and now I am done. Call me old school.

http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38  is my Amazon page. I have short stories and two e-novels, one of which is long. Take you pick.

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Should you chase ‘likes’ and ‘followers’

More than once I have hit the publish button for my blog and seconds later my inbox shows a ‘like’. It is impossible to read that fast. It is as if that person wants me to like them back or follow their blog. I have gotten the impression over time that many bloggers and tweeters want to be liked. It is a chase for numbers that somehow justifies their social media presence, that makes them feel popular.

I don’t have that problem. Here is why.

I am accustomed to being disliked. In my high school yearbook I was voted Most Likely to be Forgotten. They showed my picture, but not my name beneath it. The Prom was held on a secret night as girls were afraid I would ask them to be my prom date. I was a running back on the football team. I never carried the ball the entire season. And I was the starter.

My family had a dog and cat. I tried to play Frisbee with the dog, but he grabbed it out of my hand, and got the cat to play with him. The cat thought my bed was a liter box. Especially when I was sleeping in it. Speaking of family my sister told everyone she was an only child. After high school my parents moved, not just to another town, but to another state. They left no forwarding address. I sent friend requests on Facebook to aunts, uncles, and cousins. I never heard from them.

I tried going to church, but the minister told me it wouldn’t do me any good. I tried joining a writing group, but they disbanded after one meeting though they had been together twelve years and all of them were published. In fact they quit writing period. As a child I was exposed to the bubonic plague virus. It didn’t take. I had an imaginary girlfriend who, when she broke up with me, said “Get real!” 

Some people have a fear of success. Not only do I share that fear, I have a fear of being liked.

Of course I can’t stop you from liking this blog. Nor can I prevent you from following this blog, or the other two I write. But I am not going to chase numbers. I will try to be sociable, like it or not.

My e-novels which you may not like are found at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38




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The heartbreak of blogging

It is not so much heartbreak as frustration, confusion, and all that jazz.

If you’re a writer first, a blogger second, you understand you want your voice to be heard, you want a response, to be understood, to make a point, to entertain. You want to communicate and writing, for writers, is easier than blabbing because you’re always interrupted in conversation and when interrupted you lose your focus. Writers are better at writing. If they were better at talking they would be public speakers. Writers are not interrupted when they write, except from mewing cats or barking dogs. And they can wait. So you write. 

So here is the part that never ceases to amaze me. I am sure if you are a writer you have experienced the following. You have a great idea for a blog, you write what you think is a great one. Writing is crisp and sharp; the wit hitting the right brain cells in the reader, your point clear and precise, the entertainment value solid. You think you have a catchy headline to draw people in.

The result is that you have few click, few likes, no comments.

Then you write some piece of dog do and you get lots of hits, lots of likes, lots of comments. What?

Could it be that you as a writer have no idea what good writing is? Could it be your readers are . . . well I won’t go there.

The point is you never know what will catch readers, Internet surfers, and sign holding freeloaders at exit ramps.

There is in all us bloggers and writers the desire for approval and acceptance. We have to be honest about that. We want respect for our intelligence, our insight, our powers of persuasion, our sense of humor, our good looks, our sexual prowess, our Q scores, and other dreams that can’t come true. So we continue to blog.

I continue to write e-books. I continue to blog. Why? I have no Q score.

And I will continue on occasion write a good blog that few will read. And I will continue to ask What?

E-books anyone? http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38

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Don’t promote your book-let your fictional character do it for you.

Like it or not, all Indie writers, as well as established writers, must promote their book one way or another. It is harder for us Indie writers because, if you are like me, publicity agents cost money, so does advertising, and forget any talk shows.

But one way to create interest is to have your main character have his own blog. I can promote my books through my blog, have done so from time to time, in the process sharing information about writing, my experiences, hopefully with humor along the way. But I figure I should let Chester Koski do more of the work.

Chester is my lead character in two e-novels on Amazon and is currently helping me finish his third book which will be available early this spring. Chet’s blog will be separate from this blog. He said he will introduce himself, talk about his experience on the 1911 New York Giants, perhaps share more than he told in his first adventure, “Loonies in the Dugout,” and hopefully tell us more about his chorus girlfriend Eveleen Sullivan. Of course we are also interested in his friends Charlie Faust, Bat Masterson, George M. Cohen, Christy Mathewson, and Damon Runyon, among others. And I am sure he will reveal even more about his solving the mystery of silent film director William Desmond Taylor, as chronicled in “Loonies in Hollywood.” He may even talk about his current case, but I will let him tell that-if he chooses.

My hope, other than passing the promoting buck to a fictional character, is that he will entertain, tease, inform, and, who is kidding who-he is a mask to hide behind. And what writer does not like to hide behind his characters, let them do the talking, let him take the fall for us sensitive types. I think Chet will do well and am curious to see how many followers he will gain.

His bog will begin soon and I will promote it for him when he is ready. It is the least I can do for him. I trust his blog career will not interfere with his screen writing career with Paramount, or his marriage to Eveleen, or his attempt to solve the murders of sound technicians that he is currently working on.

If you desire to catch up on his life his e-novels are found here. http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38



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