Which of Charles Lindberg’s children did I meet and in which universe

Charles Lindberg in 1927 became the first aviator to fly across the Atlantic Ocean, landing in France to tumultuous applause and a throng of fans only huge rock stars like the Beatles could draw. Lindbergh became one of America’s greatest heroes.

In 1977 I was managing theatres and one of the ones I worked at was hosting a series of talks by famous people sponsored by the Children’s Orthopedic Hospital Guild. Now memory can be tricky, I grant you that, but I remember as clear as a summer day that on this day one of Lindberg’s now grown children was speaking. He had something to do with fish farming and agriculture in Washington State and I firmly believe it was Charles Jr. But that is impossible. Charles Jr. was the Lindbergh baby that was kidnapped and murdered by Bruno Hauptman.

I remember the man I thought was Charles Jr. was nervous; his hand shook as anyone uncomfortable with speaking in public would do. His voice was not commanding. He clearly was losing his audience and I felt sorry for him. It must be difficult growing up with a famous father, one who changed the world.

But if not Charles than which child was he. I did research recently and discovered three sons. One worked with animals in South America or some exotic place and while another worked as a diver and explorer, I found nothing indicating he ever had anything to do with fish agriculture. The third son was truly a mystery as no Google search turned up anything other than his name. In short there was nothing to tie any of the male Lindbergh children to fish agriculture, nor could any be placed in Washington 1977.

I admit to having a certain madness, but I still maintain my faculties, am not insane, nor have any mental disease, other than dysthymia, a mild depressive disorder, one that does not interfere with memory. So who was the Lindbergh in the theatre? Having eliminating insanity I am left with having been in an alternative universe, however so briefly, one in which Charles Jr. lived.

I will stick with that answer until my research what the truth really is.  Sometimes Google search is a dead end.

My website that I believe exists in this universe.

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  1. Tis a puzzlement indeed, Terry!


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