Corpus linguistics, your writing and what it all means

Last week I linked you to JA Konrath’s blog, one that provides much information on e-book writing. Today a fascinating blog from Dr. John Yeoman of Writers Village. He is English so be kind to him. We did win the war you know. He is also a writer, having written some clever e-novel mysteries that take place in England of yore, and yore was centuries ago. Some of his novels are also annotated with footnotes explaining to readers and writers alike the intricacies of writing and why he did what he just did. Some writers tell you what to do, but Yeoman note only explains, but shows by example, and you get a good story in the process.

The link to his blog about corpus linguistics (fascinating), and how the writers brain works, and how you can use your brain is here. Apparently this link is not working so I will try with this link.

An Amazon link to John’s books are here

My amazon books are here


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