Why I changed my blogs title and why you might want too as well

When I first started my blog back in the Stone Age I  chose The Quill, the E-World, and the Looniness. The reason is that quill is indicative of writing in the days of yore, the yore days belonging to some guy named Shakespeare; but now we are in the E-World, thus the second word in the title. The looniness comes from my world view that we are all a bit loony, not in a pejorative or derogatory sense,  but one with affection in how silly we all are.

I did notice that in my first blog, instead of E-World, the L was missing, coming out E-Word. Well that works just as well, so I let it go.

Recently I read an e-book by Kristen Lamb called “Rise of the Machines” in which she talks about the social media world and how best for writers and bloggers to use it. One thing she mentions is to avoid cutesy monikers. As cute and fun as I think my title is (was), it does not service my brand.

I pause here to say that I loath and detest the word ‘brand.’ I understand that as an author you want an easy identification for people in the E-World, something recognizable. My website is terrynelson.net, so my blog should have my name in it as well, thus the change to Terry Nelson’s Quill. I love the word quill and I think it more eye catching, and there you are.

As all bloggers do,  I would like followers, and like any author I want to sell books and hope readers like them. I have no illusions about being a best selling author, but I do want to sell books. And any author should not be shy in stating that. I enjoy the art of writing, but the business side leaves me fifty shades of cold.

So now I have come out of the electronic brand closet, tossing my name into the digital world. I have branded myself. Ouch!

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