Why you should be wary of technology and bees

Some years ago I had a job interview in another city and not knowing the location of the business, I checked both Map Quest and Yahoo Maps for directions. Both had the same directions so I followed them with flawless precision. I turned left on Case Road as instructed. It took me into a wilderness, one in which I could not find the next correct street to turn on. It was a sunny, warm day and I enjoyed the trees, but I figured I had done something wrong.

So I drove back to a safe place and started over again. I figured the directions must be correct because both had agreed to turn left on Case Road. I must have missed something. Again I ended up somewhere on the Lewis and Clark trail to nowhere. Third time is the charm right? Not for me. Okay something is wrong here. I am aware as a male driver I am stubborn, but three times tells me something is wrong.

I always leave early for destinations in case of road accidents, alien abduction, or getting lost. Time was running out however, so I called the business and explained the situation. The woman who was to interview told me NOT to turn on Case Road, but continue on the road I was on. Then the conversation on my cell phone broke up, so I had to call back in order to receive further directions. And then a third time, then a fourth time; driving by this time with the window rolled down, as the day was getting hotter and hotter and the air conditioner was not working. During this fourth call, a gigantic bumble bee buzzed into my car and decided to circle my head, no doubt looking for a soft place to insert its stinger.

The woman I was on the phone with, grasping my inattention, laughed when I told her I a was now battling a bee the size of a small dog. The bee finally left, I got the directions without further communication breakdown and found the business.

It would have been worth it had I gotten the job, but I did not. As we know there are no happy endings in life, but I did learn not to trust implicitly in Internet directions. I wondered how both could be wrong. Was once simply copying from the other? Technology is a wonderful thing, but it is not infallible, not without problems, so the lesson is do not fall in love with it. It will on occasion bite you.

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