Money is NOT the root of all unhappiness; just ask me

Money is the root of all unhappiness. Who said that?

I think it was put forth by a consortium of well-heeled nouveau riche of long ago, who, when they got the big dough, decided  they did not want their castles stormed by the villagers, the same grubby villagers who stormed Frankenstein’s castle with torches in their hands and bloodlust on their  minds. These wealthy castle dwellers had to protect what they had, so they met at a secret location deep in the Carpathian mountains and decided to spread the word of their homily, one which they felt the villagers would fall for, that it was okay to be poor.

Money is the root of all unhappiness they said. It leads to terrible decisions, makes people lust after things they don’t need and would not know what to do if they had all those trinkets, baubles, and glittery things. Money ruins families, tears children from their parents, causes divorce, even hemorrhoids. Be happy with what you have they said. Love and happiness is everything. Money does not buy love (although it can be rented by the hour, but that to leads to unhappiness too-so they say).

The wealthy castle dwellers got the church (as in the church of the whole) to spread the word and centuries later we have bought into this. Yes the rich have the same problems we do; just their bills have more numbers than ours do. And who would want those headaches?

I contend that money does make people happy. The wealthy smile a lot when parking their Ferrari F12 berlinetta’s; smile again when ordering roasted villager, topped with creamy mushroom sauce, under glass, in the chicest of eateries; ones so chic they are never listed in any guidebooks. The new wealthy castle dwellers wear clothes that are always impeccably pressed, and they never get dirty. They always smile and look happy.

Money is a tool. It is used to give you a place to live, to put food on the table, to put clothes on your back-and the front also-and that is all that money is good for. And buying lots of books. It does not bring you unhappiness. It does make you happy. And the more you have, the more happier you are. Do you doubt me?

I am willing to prove how happy I can be with money, once I sell enough e-books to afford to be a castle dweller and buy a celebrity smile filled with white teeth that exists only in magazines. Feel free to buy an e-novel or two, tell your friends about my books. Once I get my castle I will invite all purchasers to my castle for a feast of roasted villagers under glass. Or maybe a brunch with tons of maple bars.

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