Book sales or good reviews; which do you want

You can only have one. Would you rather have lots and lots of book sales, but mediocre reviews or would you forsake the sales for good reviews. Keep in mind this happens in movies all the time where an audience pleaser is panned by all critics and also by many members of the audience.  But you can only have one. Which do you choose?

I think it says much about the person by their choice. I would say if you choose sales you are interested in making money and damn the quality of your work. You are happy with the money that affords you a lavish lifestyle. You hang out with sluttish money-grabbing ladies of opportunity (my favorite type) who desire a new car, all the latest fashions, and high end drugs. The women are needy as is the entourage and all your time is taken up with these hangers on. Soon you forget what got you the money, you stop writing, the money is gone, and you live in a box near a dumpster. Women gone. Entourage gone. Is it worth it?

The other choice is that despite getting good reviews for your self published e-books you fail to land a consistent audience. Worse, there is no sluttish, money-grabbing ladies of opportunity, no entourage. Sacrifices have to be made if you want good reviews. But you find solace that there are strangers who connected with what you wrote, that they understood your story, liked it, and the good review was your applause. And who doesn’t like applause? You hold your head high, feel empowered by positive reviews, though few there are; still you know you can write and write well. Unless you get that insidious bad review that sends your ego into a tail spinning nose dive, the ground coming up fast and there is nothing to do but meet your fate. You are a failure after all.

But I digress.

If you are wondering what choice I would make and am probably thinking I would choose the good reviews, I regret to inform you that I am keeping my choice to myself. I have an affinity for the Lorelei woman singing her fateful song that lures the sailor to his doom. Bad girls are just fun, aren’t they. I think I could accept all that, knowing I would end up in a box by a dumpster. On the other hand-okay-I choose good reviews. You see I have good reviews, I love them, so I am happy. I don’t have to choose, but the women always look lovelier on the other side of the dream, don’t you think.

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One response to “Book sales or good reviews; which do you want


    I want the bad girls to write the good reviews–is that asking too much?


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