What is the difference between making love and having sex

I have often pondered the phrase ‘making love’ and thought, to some extent, how silly it is. Could be a man’s thinking, I grant you that. But what better way for a writer to explore that than through his characters. It gives them something to think about-your thoughts really-but who will know.

So in my soon to be published novel “Silent Murder”-I know I have said this before, but it is finished and I am waiting for my cover to be delivered-I let my male lead ponder this question for me. Here is the excerpt from my e-mystery set in the summer of 1927.

“Muriel lived on West Pico. On the drive over Evy’s beatific smile made me grin. Her smile was mostly due to my making her a yummy breakfast-yummy was her word-but I also think a small part of the smile was due to an after breakfast romantic interlude. Women say making love; men say sex. I have never bought the making love phrase. Love is a feeling, a caring; it is not an act. It becomes an act when you care for a loved one, especially when sick.

But is not making breakfast for my wife, whom I love, an act of making love? I was acting out of love was I not? Therefore I was making love. Then we had an act of sex. I loved it, but really, where did this phrase ‘making love’ come from? A woman must have created the phrase. She must have thought the word sex was too beastly, too carnal, too ungodly, and too unchristian; ladies do not say the word sex. Making love is a romantic phrase; a safe phrase, an inoffensive phrase. It is also horse crap. People have sex. And it is beastly dear church lady.”

Perhaps ‘making love’ is when two people engage in the missionary position. Is it so called because of church missionaries? They don’t like sex anyway. And the sex act is when you do all those weird postions and use sex toys like a snorkel. What are your thoughts?

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