How the Who’s guitars inspired me and my keyboard

Some time ago I mentioned my problem with the letter ‘m’ on my keyboard. It continues to frustrate me day in and day out, everyday, all day long. What happens is this. No matter how many times I shift and tap ‘m’ to capitalize it, it ends up lower case. This is particularly vexing when you write a blog about the Seattle mariners. (I pause as it just happened, so I am leaving it as is. The Hell with it). Thanks to Pete Townsend and the Who I have figured out how to deal with it.

But first let me ask you this is. Is there a need for capitals letters to begin with. A letter of the alphabet is still a letter. Why start a sentence with a capital letter? Why does it matter? We don’t need them. It’s a silly rule, it changes nothing, the spelling is the same. It would be so much easier to do away with it. We would all type better, faster, with less stress and anger.

And now back to the Who. In their younger days they would finish their concerts by destroying their guitars. Townsend would smash his, as would Daltry, and whoever the other guy was. I flashed on that memory, that image the other day and realized how I could use that with my keyboard struggles.

You can see where I am going with this.

I contacted a major keyboard manufacturer and placed an order for 600 cheap keyboards. Now everyday after I am done typing, no matter how deliberate my shift and taping of ‘m’ it will, I am sure, still show a lower case ‘m.’ But now I can unplug the keyboard, go out to my driveway, plug in a Who CD and during “Won’t Get Fooled Again” I will smash the keyboard to smithereens-wherever or whatever smithereens is.

What a major release that will be. I have a garbage can specifically for smithereened keyboards that I can unload at the dump-though I prefer taking it into the mountains, miles from nowhere, and burying the remnants deep in the bowels of the earth.

Okay I never bought the 600 keyboards, but I feel better having gotten this off my chest. But if I win the lottery, don’t think I won’t get those keyboards.

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    Smithereens is, or should be, a small villiage in County Cork, Ireland. Good dark beer, and fine auld music. And good dark beer…


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