Why do I suck

In response to an article in my Seattle Mariner blog “Balls and Strikes” about class structure at major league baseball parks a comment was made which I did not approve and thus not published was “You suck.”  Naturally I would like to know why I suck, or what specifically am I sucking.

The article I wrote was that the Seattle Mariners have these in-game giveaways and though the scoreboard shows a video with spinning numbers for section and row, invariably they all fall into the lower section of high priced seats. But us poor schlemiels in the third section are always shut out. We also do not get many vendors. I went an entire game without seeing one in my section. In the lower section the gentrified are catered to while we in the third level are the poor unwashed in the class structure of major league parks.

So why did the troll leave the two word comment?

In and of itself the comment means nothing. I suck a milk shake through a straw. Was that what he meant? Or was he referring to what a male of the species does with the breast of a female of the species? I think not, but I prefer this interpretation.

Something you may not know about the word ‘suck.’ In terms of slang it means, according to “The Synonym Finder” by J.I. Rodale,  to deceive, mislead, misinform, cozen, dupe, defraud, gull, hoodwink, bamboozle, hornswoggle. Is this what I was doing? I think not.

My point is that if you are an Internet troll you need to be more specific in your sucking comments. I need to know more. Saying I suck tells me nothing. I would like to know why. Were you offended I was picking on the Mariners? Did you think I was being childish? Did you think I was being serious? Did you think I was being silly?

Social media means we are to engage, discuss, talk. If he told me why I sucked his comment could have been published. But tis person failed. His comment ‘you suck’ just sucks.

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