Do blog readers feel cheated at 300 words

When I first began blogging I read from many sources that a blog should be 300-350 words because in todays social media culture people don’t have time to read long articles; they prefer short and quick. So I followed the herd and usually kept it at 350 or so, sometimes going crazy with over 400 words.

Now I’m told things have changed. I have read in another blog (of course) that 1,000 is the new 300. Readers feel cheated, they want something longer, more substantial. If this is true I wish you readers would make up your mind. My question is who said 300 words to begin with and who said 1,000 words now?

Should we bloggers believe anything we read. (You can believe me though-most of the time). We as readers, we as humans, need not to listen to what others say we should do. Why should I believe 1,000 is now the acceptable blog length. Where is the data? Who took a survey?  I read nothing in the New York Times, the Washington Post, nor have I read anything on the Internet, other than the blog I read. And it was written from a reliable blogger and author.

Lets be honest. None of that matters. Whether it is 300 or 1,000 it is about content, not word count. The only arbiter in social media is the reader and there are all kinds of readers, those that like long blogs, those that like short blogs and on and on. There are readers who like short novels and those that like long novels and those that just like a good read and dame the word count.

Henceforth I will write what I want to write. Maybe it will be 200 words. Maybe 300-400. Occasionally I may get to 1,000.  The things is that  writing 1,000 words for a blog takes away from a good deal of fiction writing, one in which I would like to write 1,500 to 2,000 words.

The last paragraph ended at 314 and now I am done. Call me old school.  is my Amazon page. I have short stories and two e-novels, one of which is long. Take you pick.


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One response to “Do blog readers feel cheated at 300 words

  1. I read the best number was over 1000, but my own attention span can’t do it. I think between 500 and 1000 is perfect, but I live your posts and I’ve never looked at the word count. I think you are right. The word count doesn’t matter – the content does. That said, I’ve got to really be interested if its over 1000


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