Is writing short stories different than novels

I have discovered an odd thing, something I can’t explain, and perhaps it pertains only to my writing.

Recently I have been working on three short stories while I let my novel percolate (I actually witnessed it while it wasn’t looking). Of the two novels I have written I found that I had to cut material, especially in my debut e-novel, “Loonies in the Dugout.” I cut, if I recall correctly, a few thousand words. And no it didn’t hurt. The book is better because of the cuts.

In the three short stories I am working on I find in each case I am adding scenes, adding description, fleshing things out. I have read where many writers have said when writing to get the bones down and don’t look back; that you can add, expand, clarify, and make sense of what you are saying later. That is the case with my short stories. I knew how the story would begin, how it would end, what was needed to get me from A to Z.

When it was finished, it sat while my mind cleared itself. When I returned a couple of weeks later Is aw I needed to add details about the main setting, namely a theatre where the entire story took place. I had not described how the theatre looked and since it was vital to the story I had to make the theatre come alive a bit, to give it color, personality.

In the other two stories I also add to add in order to enhance the mood among other reasons. But this does not happen in writing my e-novels. I did add a final chapter to my second e-novel, but that was due to the original ending being-to me unsatisfying. When I realized why the ending was wrong, I added a chapter which made both the next to last chapter and the novel as a whole much better. But before that I did a lot of cutting in the earlier parts of the story.

I don’t the reason why there is a difference in my approach to writing short stories as opposed to novels, but as long as I rewrite, edit, and make better, it does not matter. The end result is all that matters.


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