My return from a cyberspace black hole

It has been two weeks since my last blog. I would prefer to say I was on vacation, lazing on a sunny beach with a brunette and a blonde of the female species, idling the day away drinking grape Kool-Aid and playing tidily winks, but alas that was not the reason.

I am part of a Wi-Fi network and our home base from which we draw cyber-power was accidently dismantled for reasons that are confusing, humorous, and scary. I have also promised never to reveal how or why this happened in order to protect the guilty. The problem was resolved but after few days of deleting 1, 217 emails and ready to blog once again, a new problem arose which caused another shutdown.

The second problem concerned a modem and was so bad we had to bring in a NASA technician  to fix the problem. It took days, but he discovered that an alien power was hacking into our network and was gathering data on us. Our signal was redirected to a black hole in another galaxy, which as you may know, has shown to be in another dimension, one where time is in reverse. You can look it up. 

I have been in power outages when the house goes dark, you grab a flashlight, light candles, and sit in the dark. We tend to take electricity for granted and when it is not there we do odd things. Like trying to turn on a radio-what-oh yeah- that won’t work. No heat, so we go to the stove-wait that won’t work either. We have trained ourselves to turn things on, it is ingrained in us. The feeling of being out of network was similar. I knew I could not get on the Internet, but that did not stop my mind from telling me to see what movies were playing in town by clicking a favorite webpage. Baseball scores? Click MLB. com.

Without Internet access I felt cutoff from the world. I rely on it to inform, to entertain, to do many other fun and exciting things, though I am not addicted to social media. I can live without Twitter, Facebook, (though I have both) and all the other social sites. I prefer real social interaction to cyber interaction. But I am glad to be back-at least for now. Beware of black holes



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  1. Goodness gracious!! I hope all concerned are now doing well, including you, Terry. Well, at least, you weren’t whirled away in a Kansas tornado!!!


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