Should you chase ‘likes’ and ‘followers’

More than once I have hit the publish button for my blog and seconds later my inbox shows a ‘like’. It is impossible to read that fast. It is as if that person wants me to like them back or follow their blog. I have gotten the impression over time that many bloggers and tweeters want to be liked. It is a chase for numbers that somehow justifies their social media presence, that makes them feel popular.

I don’t have that problem. Here is why.

I am accustomed to being disliked. In my high school yearbook I was voted Most Likely to be Forgotten. They showed my picture, but not my name beneath it. The Prom was held on a secret night as girls were afraid I would ask them to be my prom date. I was a running back on the football team. I never carried the ball the entire season. And I was the starter.

My family had a dog and cat. I tried to play Frisbee with the dog, but he grabbed it out of my hand, and got the cat to play with him. The cat thought my bed was a liter box. Especially when I was sleeping in it. Speaking of family my sister told everyone she was an only child. After high school my parents moved, not just to another town, but to another state. They left no forwarding address. I sent friend requests on Facebook to aunts, uncles, and cousins. I never heard from them.

I tried going to church, but the minister told me it wouldn’t do me any good. I tried joining a writing group, but they disbanded after one meeting though they had been together twelve years and all of them were published. In fact they quit writing period. As a child I was exposed to the bubonic plague virus. It didn’t take. I had an imaginary girlfriend who, when she broke up with me, said “Get real!” 

Some people have a fear of success. Not only do I share that fear, I have a fear of being liked.

Of course I can’t stop you from liking this blog. Nor can I prevent you from following this blog, or the other two I write. But I am not going to chase numbers. I will try to be sociable, like it or not.

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3 responses to “Should you chase ‘likes’ and ‘followers’

  1. I really enjoyed reading this…and I’m totally just saying that so you’ll follow me. 😉


  2. Ouch, I didn’t think they had that category whewhen I was in high school


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