The heartbreak of blogging

It is not so much heartbreak as frustration, confusion, and all that jazz.

If you’re a writer first, a blogger second, you understand you want your voice to be heard, you want a response, to be understood, to make a point, to entertain. You want to communicate and writing, for writers, is easier than blabbing because you’re always interrupted in conversation and when interrupted you lose your focus. Writers are better at writing. If they were better at talking they would be public speakers. Writers are not interrupted when they write, except from mewing cats or barking dogs. And they can wait. So you write. 

So here is the part that never ceases to amaze me. I am sure if you are a writer you have experienced the following. You have a great idea for a blog, you write what you think is a great one. Writing is crisp and sharp; the wit hitting the right brain cells in the reader, your point clear and precise, the entertainment value solid. You think you have a catchy headline to draw people in.

The result is that you have few click, few likes, no comments.

Then you write some piece of dog do and you get lots of hits, lots of likes, lots of comments. What?

Could it be that you as a writer have no idea what good writing is? Could it be your readers are . . . well I won’t go there.

The point is you never know what will catch readers, Internet surfers, and sign holding freeloaders at exit ramps.

There is in all us bloggers and writers the desire for approval and acceptance. We have to be honest about that. We want respect for our intelligence, our insight, our powers of persuasion, our sense of humor, our good looks, our sexual prowess, our Q scores, and other dreams that can’t come true. So we continue to blog.

I continue to write e-books. I continue to blog. Why? I have no Q score.

And I will continue on occasion write a good blog that few will read. And I will continue to ask What?

E-books anyone?


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