How my biggest flaw affects my writing

Here is a list of books that all have one thing in common: Walter Johnson-Baseball’s Big Train; Willie Mays-The Life the Legend; Jane Fonda-My Life So Far; Making Movies by Sidney Lumet; I remember Nothing by Nora Ephron; Tinsel Town by William J. Mann; 2666 by Roberto Bolano; Clouds over the Goalpost by Lew Freedman; Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck; Winter Moon by Dean Koontz; and If I Never Get Back by Darryl Brock. These books plus the Kindle version of Count of Monte Cristo by Dumas and a collection of locked room mysteries add to thirteen books. (If I counted correctly).

As you can see they represent a wide range of interest-baseball, football, biography, movies, popular fiction, and literary fiction. What they have in common is they are books I have started, am currently reading, but have failed to finish.


It’s sad I suppose, but let me explain. All the books are well written, all are interesting, but my problem is I want to read everything all at once. I also have other books I could start, but am trying to hold off. I do know I will finish Brock’s novel first as I am hooked on it for personal reasons. I will finish all the above, but probably other books will get read before some of those unfinished ones.

In addition to wanting to read everything at once-and I always seem to remember everything once I get back into the book-I believe my character flaw is that I like the journey better than endings. I love beginnings, get engrossed in the journey, but don’t want the journey to end. Perhaps it is because an end is like a death and I enjoy the living journey. Endings in fiction are better than real life, but I have this psychological issue that has come with aging.

This affects my writing in a negative way. It means I love to start a book, getting things going, then I slow down because I hate to end my story. The book I am currently writing should have been done months ago, but I find reasons-excuses-to not finish. Some reasons are good. A friend of mine was dying so I made two trips to see him before he passed. Other excuses are doing things that you tell yourself are important, but aren’t.

In truth I want to finish my book so I can start another. And despite what I just said I do like to finish my books. I am inconsistent in my thinking, being a flawed human you see.

But I have finished two e-novels and a collection of short stories so I know I can get it done. And I absolutely loved the endings of my stories.

If you want some endings my Amazon page for my e-books are found here:


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