Can you hear writing advice through white noise

Giving advice about anything is both free and cheap. And in today’s e-world filled with e-books from new writers, even ones with a few books on Amazon, such as this writer, we are bombarded with advice. It comes through Twitter, it comes through blogs, it comes through magazines, it even comes from my cat meowing about advice columns in her liter box (she is an avid reader).

The question of course is how to listen through the jibber-jabber of white noise. It is not that there is too much advice, but that for every well intentioned suggestion there is another person with a well balanced counterpoint.

Tweet about your book. You can get thousands of followers from those who can make that promise and you have all those followers as potential customers. But as a well established writer, one who sells tons of e-books said, “When is the last time you bought a book because of a Tweet?” Just because you may have 5,000 followers does not mean they are actually reading your Tweets everyday, if at all.

There is a woman who is a best selling e-book writer and she has no Twitter account, is not on Facebook, and does not write a blog. There are many roads to success, some times you are just lucky. That can not be ruled out. Many people use every form of social media and they spin their wheels.

So what should you do, to whom should you listen?

What you should do is take everything at face value. Then research and analyze what is being put forth. It is not that people are dishonest, but some are rewording or resaying the things that have been said before. And anytime someone says this is how I achieved my success, following the same road is no guarantee. That same road may be littered with those who did not finish the path, or got there and found nothing. One persons road to success does not work for everyone. In the end each of us must find out own path. Like Lewis and Clark you need to blaze your own trail.


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    This is what I tend to think… which makes things so much more frustrating.


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