Hog Lane Murders and Stephen King

Opposites attract, then they flock together. I have no idea what that means but I know writers can gain much from reading a “The Hog Lane Murders,” a new eBook on Amazon and from an older book from Stephen King, each providing an insight into writing, though by opposite approaches.

Amazon has “The Hog Lane Murders for the low price of 99 cents and is worth it for two reasons. The story takes place in London of 1598 and involves the murders of four young girls. It is well written with strong characters with about four suspects. It works as a quick read, but also offers something else. The author, John Yeoman of England, is a writing teacher and in the book he has 15 footnotes. So you can either read the story and then check the footnotes to see the writing tip for that passage. Or, like me, read  until you see the footnote, click it on, read it, then  click back to the story. Either way you will discover what works in a story and why.

Stephen King in his book “On Writing” is a must for every writer. If you are unfamiliar with the book, King talks about his beginnings as a writer, talks about writing (he does not like plots) and at the end of the book he shows a first draft of a page or two, then shows the editing in the second draft. He also explains why the cuts were made. Writers can always explain the why, but seeing it in print is a visual aid that writers can easily understand. It is show and tell time and expertly shows and tells.

You can’t go wrong with either book, even if you are not a writer. A reader’s appreciation can be enhanced by learning more about writing-and seeing the mistakes other writers make, one of which I am sure is this writer.

If you are a reader I hope you will read the blog of one of my characters from two eNovels I have written. Just because he is fictional does not mean he can’t write for himself. So stop by and encourage the lad. https://myrealfictionallife.wordpress.com/


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