Did gremlins lock me out of my website


Every writer needs a website. I once wrote movie reviews for a newspaper, but when the small town paper ran out of space and neglected to inform me of the change, I put the reviews on my website. It is Big Time Movies Small Town Critic I was not writing e-novels at the time. But I now have excerpts from two novels on the site along with other material.

But . . .

I wanted to change the title of my site since I no longer write film reviews. I wanted to change the title to my name and make other changes. When I clicked publish as usual I logged in my password, but an error number popped up. I contacted Yahoo through an e-mail and was told that there was a possible Java problem. They said they were working on it. Weeks later they said it was fixed, but I still could not publish as the same error number popped up. So I can’t make those changes.

But now . . .

Not only can I not publish, when I click my Yahoo Site Builder icon on my desktop, it does not take me to my dashboard where I can work on the site. Is it Yahoo? Is it gremlins? Is it a cyber terrorist attack? Is it Homeland Security? Is it Satan?

If you are unfamiliar with Yahoo customer service, it is like communicating with an alien race from outer space. At one point before I was locked out, Yahoo wanted me to uninstall, then install Site Builder. They said all my files should be there. SHOULD? I am not risking what I built based on should.

I have not heard from  Yahoo in days. I wonder if they are locked out of their email.

So here I sit. A writer who has a website, but can not update, change, or access my site other than as a visitor.

But as a writer I must do  the ‘what if’ game. I think I have a short story here. I will get back with you.

In the meantime have you read Chet Koski’s latest blog? I know he is a fictional character, but he is still real and he can blog. https://myrealfictionallife.wordpress.com/


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