Writers need goals, but what does a goal need

I recently heard former NFL coach Herman Edwards say, “A goal without a plan is a wish.” Eight simple words, three of which are ‘a’ which is hardly a word. But how true those simple words are. Not every person has goals, and some that do have little idea how to create a plan for that goal. It is like having a goal to lose weight, but if you keep eating pizza, ice cream, potato chips, and candy bars, you have not created a plan. You have a wish, but not the plan.

I am currently finishing my third book in my loony series. So what is my plan. One I have created a blog by my fictional narrator from the two previous blogs. The Blog is My Real Fictional Life. https://myrealfictionallife.wordpress.com/. Chet has talked about what his plans for the blog are and in his second blog talks about how he met Eveleen Sullivan, a story not told in either of the books. The reason is to create a place to market the character and the book, hoping to entice readers. Also to promote the new book when it comes out.

The second part of my plan is to create a free short story about Chet and Eveleen for Kindle readers on Amazon, one that will have links to the other e-novels. Nothing wrong with giving something away to attract more readers.

Another part of the plan is to raise money through Kickstarter for a more professional cover design.

Finding reviewers is difficult, especially those who do not accept fees. I, nor anyone, should pay somebody to review your book. I also plan on using any free or cheap marketing tools to make readers aware of the book. One can Tweet of course, but as a successful writer said, “when was the last time you sold a book because of Twitter?”

I have yet to fully investigate mailing lists or Facebook, but some plan possibilities are ongoing.

I am sure I will add to my plan before publication in early spring. If you are a writer with a plan feel free to share with your comments.




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