A promotional tool to promote your book and it’s free

Back in November I blogged about an idea to promote a book and now I am taking my advice. Some background first to show why I am doing this promotion, one that could last for years at no cost. I have written two e-novels and one collection of short stories. I had the idea-especially good if you have a series-to let a character promote my next book-or rather, in my case,  Chester Koski’s next story, since he takes the readers through his two previous e-novels.

Chet first appeared as a 21 year old rookie for the 1911 New York Giants. He had a girlfriend, Eveleen Sullivan, a chorus girl on Broadway. They then appeared in another story that takes place in 1921 in Hollywood, where Chet solves the true life murder of silent film director William Desmond Taylor.

What I am doing, or rather what Chet is doing, is creating his own blog. It is called My Real Fictional Life. Through his blog Chet can talk about his life, tell stories from his novels, even talk about incidents that were not in the books-sort of like a DVD extra. He can also talk about his upcoming story coming out this spring.

What this does is build a relationship between your character and your reader’s and potential readers. I want Chet to be low key, conversational, not an over the top obvious salesman. It is not his nature to be a blowhard, so I am confident he will be himself.

Many writers feel shy about promoting, myself included. But if you like to hide behind your lead character in fiction, why not hide behind the same character in promoting. I will let Chet do the work, and I am sure Eveleen will put in a word or two as well. I am also sure a young flapper named Clancy will have much to say.

And the good thing is the blog can stand alone. The characters can reveal themselves, can be interesting in themselves, talk back and forth with other characters, because the blog should ne natural and entertaining, with the promotional aspects being the characters themselves. If people enjoy the characters, they may want purchase their stories.

My inaugural, excuse me, Chet’s inaugural blog is here. https://myrealfictionallife.wordpress.com/






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