Don’t promote your book-let your fictional character do it for you.

Like it or not, all Indie writers, as well as established writers, must promote their book one way or another. It is harder for us Indie writers because, if you are like me, publicity agents cost money, so does advertising, and forget any talk shows.

But one way to create interest is to have your main character have his own blog. I can promote my books through my blog, have done so from time to time, in the process sharing information about writing, my experiences, hopefully with humor along the way. But I figure I should let Chester Koski do more of the work.

Chester is my lead character in two e-novels on Amazon and is currently helping me finish his third book which will be available early this spring. Chet’s blog will be separate from this blog. He said he will introduce himself, talk about his experience on the 1911 New York Giants, perhaps share more than he told in his first adventure, “Loonies in the Dugout,” and hopefully tell us more about his chorus girlfriend Eveleen Sullivan. Of course we are also interested in his friends Charlie Faust, Bat Masterson, George M. Cohen, Christy Mathewson, and Damon Runyon, among others. And I am sure he will reveal even more about his solving the mystery of silent film director William Desmond Taylor, as chronicled in “Loonies in Hollywood.” He may even talk about his current case, but I will let him tell that-if he chooses.

My hope, other than passing the promoting buck to a fictional character, is that he will entertain, tease, inform, and, who is kidding who-he is a mask to hide behind. And what writer does not like to hide behind his characters, let them do the talking, let him take the fall for us sensitive types. I think Chet will do well and am curious to see how many followers he will gain.

His bog will begin soon and I will promote it for him when he is ready. It is the least I can do for him. I trust his blog career will not interfere with his screen writing career with Paramount, or his marriage to Eveleen, or his attempt to solve the murders of sound technicians that he is currently working on.

If you desire to catch up on his life his e-novels are found here.




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