.99 Halloween sale on my e-horror short story collection

A collection of short stories to scare, amuse, ponder, and enjoy.  The collection “Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms” is on sale Thursday through Monday at 8 AM Pacific Coast Time for .99 cents.

The lead story is “An Evening with Constance Bennett”  about a man watching  a marathon of  Constance Bennett movies on TV who takes a mysterious journey. The second story is “The Castle” about a just graduated high school senior who travels to England to house sit an ancient castle and the less you know the better. “Due Date” involves a writer returning to his home town to find the young librarian who influenced his life when he was a child, but finds a ghostly mystery that he can’t escape.

Then we have four tales from a Cemetery, one that actually exists. But whether the stories are real or not, you can decide. “Flowers for Martha Clemens” is a macabre mystery that will haunt a detective. “Desecration” is about two young lads whose pranks on Halloween in a cemetery will upset the dead, and that you don’t want to do. Third tale is “No Shadow in the Shade” about  man whose unexpected demise carries him into the next ghostly realm and his experience adjusting to his afterlife.   The final cemetery tale is “After the Party.” It has to do with a burial of the parents of children who have gathered at the grave site.

The final short story is a short detective story I included for no reason other than it was the first story I wrote. An experiment into a brief detective noir story. Something to exercise my writing ideas.

Happy Halloween!

Cemetery Tales and Other Phantasms: http://www.amazon.com/Cemetery-Tales-other-Phantasms-Nelson-ebook/dp/B00G9JND9Q/ref=la_B00EEVHN38_1_2/185-3832833-5964812?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1414613901&sr=1-2



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