How to find story ideas by being lazy

I previously wrote about how to find ideas for stories; that they are all around you. I wrote of the time I saw a nicely dressed  old man walking with a shovel in a graveyard. I thought it odd and wondered what he could be doing. The imaginative juices kicked in and a short story was the result. I just hope the truth was less scary than my story.

But there is another way. It is being lazy.

Yes, laziness. For people like me this is ideal. By lazy I don’t mean waiting around for an idea to strike you like lightning. What I mean is this. I woke up one morning, was tired, so I lay still, not thinking of anything, just letting my mind, old and muddled with many dead cells, I am sure, run itself without any prompting by me.

Sometimes the worst thing to do is to try and come up with an idea. The harder you try, the less fruitful the result. But I let my mind go and in the solitude, in the quiet of the morning, my creative mind said, “Hey I got an idea. Think about this.”

I did think about it.  Not just a great idea, a Pulitzer Prize great idea; one that could be turned into an Oscar winning film idea.

Wish I could remember what it was. I realized I had actually fallen back to sleep and the story idea was running in my head. I said to myself I would remember, no need to write it down.

My memory lied to me. I forgot the idea. Which is why I carry a small notebook and pen with me wherever I go and why the notebook and pen rest on my bedside table for the next time my laziness gets the better of me.

So remember to have that notebook and pen with you at all times, especially by your bed. 

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