How to have fun writing

I subscribe to author Joanna Penn’s newsletter, “The Creative Penn.” In her latest newsletter she confesses, despite having written fiction and non-fiction books, a fear of being judged. True of all writers, don’t you think. She also confesses to taking herself too seriously, that she felt the need to write something “important.” Again, a trait shared by writers everywhere.

She then posed the question, “what if all writing was fun?” Her point was that having a word count to reach each day to meet her schedule became work. I see her point. Writing can evolve into work when you say I must write 2,000 words today, or 1,000, or whatever goal you set. Now there are writers who set word count goals and still love to write, but there are many for whom it becomes an albatross.

I never have set daily word counts. I have the type of personality for whom everything is a chore. I should do 30 minutes of exercise a day. I don’t. Now 30 minutes a day is not a lot of time, but I can’t make exercise fun; my fingers do get exercise at my keyboard, though the same can not be said of my rear end. So setting a word count for each day is not fun, for it tells me I have work to do.

I have always believed writing should be fun. What that means is to write a story that you would want to read, even if it means the story may not fit nicely into a genre which is easier to market. The reason is that if you write a story you want to write, you are having fun, and more important, and this is the primary reason, your writing will be better. And if you are having fun, time flies and you may surpass whatever word count you had set.

You must be enthused about your story, you must love your characters, even the villains. My two e-novels have a certain sense of humor running through them. Not everyone will get the humor, but I do, and I had fun using it. I write for myself first and if readers get it, great; if not, well you can’t please everyone, so do not fear being judged. Write with fun and love.

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  1. For me,and that is only recently, I’ve discovered what gives a lovely boost is [to me] a word count, that for others, may be piddly; however, don’t most of the “Stephen Kings” start with piddly word counts? Almost THE biggest motivation is Who am writing for. I am a Christian, and all of my ‘uoomph’ of writing comes from Him.


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