The cartoon that strangles and swallows

There is a cartoon, if that is the proper word for what I am about to share with you, that is on my corkboard. It is an 8×10 copy of a drawing in which a frog is inside a long beak of a large bird. The frogs legs are hanging down from the lower beak, its head part way down the birds throat. The caption says, “Don’t ever give up.”

But there is more to the drawing, as the frogs hands are wrapped around the throat of the bird. So to whom is the message directed, the frog or the bird. Both?

They literally have each other in a bind. It got me to thinking about writing. If you are a writer are you the bird being strangled by your writing, AKA the frog, or are you the writer as the frog being swallowed by your writing? I ask because writing can be frustrating and maddening as it strangles you with dangling participles, too many adverbs, forgotten rules of grammar that come back to haunt you, similes and metaphors that stick out like Pinocchio’s nose, but are as flat as a pancake (did I mention clichés). You have a library full of books on words, grammar, creative writing, and anything which helps sort out the bugaboos about writing that strangle you.

Writing can also swallow you as you get rhythm and flow, your thoughts translated into words through stroking keys that make sense out of those things inside your head you must get out. Time passes, you don’t notice, you forget to eat because scenes, dialogue, plot twists, all fly rapidly around in your head and they must be sorted out by the keyboard. You love to write when this happens, but when it runs out, as it must, does it make sense or do you second guess yourself and see the editing that needs to be done. Drat, you mean I must clean up my mess.

So the question is not whether the writing is strangling you or swallowing you because the answer is the same either way. Don’t give up.

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