Yes there is a god for writers, but who

When I say there is a god for writers I am not talking about William Shakespeare or Stephen King. I am talking about a god that writers can start each day by burning a candle and saying a prayer to the muse of writers who can stimulate the creative juices.

I Googled the question and found Momus, a Greek God, surprisingly not in Edith Hamilton’s classic book on Greek mythology. But the more you learn about Momus from Wiki and the Internet-take if for what it’s worth- it seems that dear old Momus, who is the god of complaint and satire, who likes nothing, is more the god of critics, not writers. Therefore I can not, nor would I urge writers to adopt Momus, for he is clearly in league with Satan.

Hindu’s have Saraswati and there is Baalat, chief deity of Byblos. But a cursory examination of these two fail to absolutely convince me to recommend them to writers.

I do have one to recommend. However, in the honesty of full disclosure I must admit a bias for Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of writers. One is that I am a summer type of guy. I love the heat, I love wearing shorts and a shirt, soaking up rays, and watching women in shorts and halters, and who better to worship than the sun god Ra. Second, because Seshat is depicted wearing a panther like dress and that dress makes a woman look  hot.  Trust me on this.

I  have been to Egypt and that came about by going through a time portal somewhere in France that was discovered by two British schoolteachers, I believe, in the late 19th century. Feel free to Google it. Anyway I  ended up in Egypt during the time of Cleopatra and let me say Elizabeth Taylor looked better. Cleo had a big nose.

Anyway while there I joined the cult of Seshat, whose name means ‘she who is the scribe.’ All in all I had a good time, though I had to pretend to be deaf and dumb as I did not understand ancient Egyptian, or Greek, which most Egyptians spoke. I did mess up one morning when I woke up in bed with one of Cleopatra’s maidens and I forgot where I was and asked what she wanted for breakfast.  She ran screaming, palace guards came for me and took me to Cleo. Whatever she  said I simply spoke English, saying anything that came to mind. I remained stoic, confident, acted regal and spoke the name Seshat many times, almost in every sentence. Eventually they thought I was a god, husband of Seshat, and they gave me a nicer room. 

Notice how when I got to the name Seshat, the Egyptian goddess of writers, my creative juices kicked in. Yes, proof positive that writers need to worship Seshat. Of course, now that I am linked to her as her husband you can see my bias. But she works for me and I am willing to share her with writers everywhere.

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One response to “Yes there is a god for writers, but who

  1. I’m certainly not Catholic, but I do prefer worshipping THE God of all creation! The Catholics do have a patron saint of writers: Francis de Sales, because of his prolific letter-writing, as well his other activities.


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