Foods that improve creative writing

I  was slacking off from writing and my energy was down, way down. I decided that food might be the problem. A daily bowl of triple truffle chocolate fudge ice cream before settling down to write might have been the problem. It isn’t really a breakfast food. And a plate of oatmeal-raisin cookies, a bag of potato chips, apple pie, and  two or three bottles of diet coke is not a lunch. Though they should be. Dinner was out of the question as I was napping, dreaming about exercising, which to my mind is the same as actual exercise.

So I Googled food for writers to see what I could find. Alas it seems my dietary plan may not have been a good idea.

It is no surprise that the foods recommended were the same as any nutritionist would say, with one possible, happy exception. In an article from “Writers Relief” they said folic acid supplements improve cognitive function, “especially in memory and critical thinking.” Folic acid is found in cold cereals, breads, and happy, happy-bakery items and cookies. I feel better already.

Blueberries are good for everything because they are loaded with anti-oxidants. Also mentioned was the whole grains thing. Let me pause here for a slight rant. Some nutritionists say to stay away from whole grains, whole wheat and  all that jazz. The more one studies food and nutrition the more you find different theories. Eggs are good for you-no they are not-yes they are. Peanut butter has too much fat-yes, but it has protein so use it with celery sticks. It is all confusing. To whom do we listen.

Moving along and speaking of chocolate, drinking a cup of hot cocoa has more anti-oxidants than green tea (which I drink). At least the article says so. Another happy, happy.

Bottom line is that you if you eat healthy you will have the energy to write, and write with better cognitive skills, but not necessarily with better grammatical skills. Food can’t do everything. It is time for breakfast and I have that triple truffle chocolate fudge ice cream to finish before I switch to oatmeal with blueberries in skim milk. Farewell truffles!

Here is a link to that article:


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  1. The only advice I’d offer: everything in moderation!!


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