I am a book addict. Can you help?

There seem to be support groups for all types of addictions. I have an addiction to potatoes chips, oatmeal and raisin cookies, chocolate chip cookies, and of course books. I wish I had more fun addictions like sex addiction, but Satin did not bless-or is it curse me- with that addiction. 

I have three friends who also have this addiction, but the two worse are an old geezer and myself. I recently counted my old fashioned books. You know those that you hold in your hand without an electronic device; they have covers and pages that you have to turn without clicking. I have over ninety unread books. I do not know the exact count because I lose track when numbers reach that high. Of course after counting I went to a thrift shop and bought three paperbacks at .99 each. Who can resist that type of price.

Checking my Kindle I see 48 books, twenty of which I have yet to read, though I am working on “The Count of Monte Cristo.” There are other books I eagerly started only to  switch to another book that I was more eager to start.  There are about dozen of the old fashioned books in that limbo world and three or four of the e-books.

My greatest fear is that if I find a Book Buyers Anonymous group and when we meet we will talk about books so much that we all rush out together to our favorite stores and buy books. This fear is not without merit, for that old geezer I mentioned took me on a tour of a nearby downtown and two book stores. I forget how many books I came home with, but I did read one them, so I feel good about that.

I also worry that the aforementioned group would have treats at the meetings. You know, chips and cookies. No, it is better not to join any groups. But if you have any advice, having gone through book addiction, please share.

If you are still and addict and proud of it here are my e-books on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38



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4 responses to “I am a book addict. Can you help?

  1. Jim Jacquet

    To what ‘old geezer’ would you be referring to?


  2. disregardeddreams

    If I was able to get a handle on my addiction, I’d have less books falling off my shelves, and more money in my pocket. But unfortunately I’m still falling victim to low priced books and three for two deals (Instead of saving money, I can get more books for the same amount! The joy!).
    I do agree with you that, if there was a meeting of book lovers, it would eventually turn into a retreat to the nearest bookshop! But on the bright side, you’d be surrounded by people who understand why it can take hours to eventually buy a book (if you’re limited to just one)!


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