Why you should never read your writing have publishing

Years ago I remember actor George Raft, famous for playing gangsters, say he never watched any of his movies. He did not like seeing himself on screen. Subsequent to that I heard other actors say they do not watch the dailies, or there movies, but the reason was different. They realized once the movie was done they could not change anything. They were worried that in seeing the movie they would get upset how they played a scene, that they would see a better way of doing it.

I discovered that in writing the same applies. I have written a scene, the lobster eating scene in “Loonies in the Dugout” that I love. I would not change it, but I have seen other passages, other sentences that I see could have been improved. I have found information about an era or about a person in one of my books that I wished I had at the time. But at some point a writer must let go. It is possible to over research.

Since I write e-novels and stories I could go back to my formatter, change things, and republish. But, and this is a big but, do you then, every time you see something you could change, you do so. I call that rewriting. I believe-other than for grammar- once you publish, forget it. The point is to rewrite, do diligent proofreading, get it right to the best of your ability, publish, then move on to your next project. After a day at the beach lazing in the sun of course.

A book is like a child. You can do everything you can think of to  prepare the child for the real world, so it can function on its own. You guide the child to adulthood and then wave goodbye. You do the same with a book. You prepare it for the book reader world, and then you publish and say goodbye. In both cases you hope for the best.

My children-I mean e-books-are found here: http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38



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