What writer wanted publishers to ban paperbacks.

Shame, shame.

Prior to World War II when hardback books cost $2.50 there was something new in the marketplace. It was the paperback which cost a quarter. This was radical. It meant books could get in the hands of people who could not afford that high priced $2.50. I know, I know, but this was over 70 years ago, but $2.50 was a lot of money in those days.

There was resistance, especially from writers who wanted higher royalties. Forget that more people could purchase books, that an authors readership would expand; like everything it is about money. One author said if “publishers had any sense, they would combine against them and suppress them.” 

Yes this author wanted to “suppress” paperback books. He wanted publishers, in essence, to conspire, plot, and scheme against paperback publishers. This from a writer whose books were anti-authoritarian, who was worried about Big Brother oppressing the public. Yet here he was trying to oppress readers because he thought it would destroy literature, lower writers profit, and let loose the dogs of war upon the reading public.

Shame, shame, George Orwell.

The Orwell quote came in an email from Kindle Direct Publishing because there are publishers who want to charge more for e-books to gain higher profits for writers and, of course, themselves. The article cites Hachette who has been caught illegally colluding to raise prices. They have at the time of the e-mail paid $166 million  in penalties.

I, like any poor writer, would like a larger income, but I love low prices. I buy e-books because of the price; books from well known authors, books from new writers, it matters not, if it sounds interesting, I will buy the book. I sell my books at $2.99, but have thought about raising them to $3.99. I have not done so and have no plans at present to do so. 

Like the paperback revolution decades ago, the e-book is revolutionizing reading. Orwell was shortsighted then and those who collude against low e-book prices are just evil Animal Farm operators.

If you want to check out my low priced (for now) e-novels and short stories they are found here: http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38


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