Comic strip tells truth about writers

In the Sunday comics Stephan Pastis, creator of “Pearls Before Swine,”  told the truth about writers; funny, yet sad, because the truth hurts. I can’t illustrate the panels, however, I can share the words.


8:01     Today I will write ten pages

8:02     Whoa, can’t write without coffee.

8:17      @*@#. Now I’m hungry.

8:50       I need inspiration. I’ll watch YouTube


12:00     Lunch break

1:13        Still not inspired. I need a walk

2:26       Okay, now I’m ready

2:28       Whoa, No printer ink. I’ll buy some

4:15        Okay. Now I’m all set.

4:19        But could use more coffee

4:36        And one game of “Words with Friends.”

4:58        ring ring ring

4:59        ‘Hey, Rat. It’s me. Pig. Wonder if you have time to talk.’

5:00        Great. Now you’ve wasted my whole day. I give up.


8:01         Today I will write twenty pages”

I am confidant writers can identify with the strip. The excuses will differ, but we do find reasons not to write. I would say more, but I have thirty pages to write today. However I have finished enough pages for three books that can be found at Amazon here.




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