I am melting as I write . . .

I don’t know how long I can hang on. The window shades are down to keep out the suns scorching rays from my computer and yours truly as I try to write, surrounded by fans blowing cool air over my body.

It is hot, hot hot.

My skin is damp, sweaty, sticky, and I just took a shower in which the cold water was hot.

It is hot, hot, hot.

I have a large plastic bottle filled with ice and water. By the time I get from the kitchen to my computer the ice has melted.

It is hot, hot, hot.

I tried eating ice cream. It turns to soup within 20 seconds of opening the package.

It is hot, hot hot.

I must keep this short as I am melting. I can see a small pool of my watery skin cells at my feet.

All of this means I have no time or energy to work on my e-novel. It takes energy to write and the heat is zapping me lie a Taser. At this point in the blog I have written 174 words and it has taken 92 minutes. It is so hot, the cat is sitting in his water bowl and pawing his fur with water over and over. I must fill his bowl every five minutes. It is so hot, the cat fills his mouth with water and spits it in the dogs face, who is lying on a rug. The dog does nothing. He too is melting.

It is so hot authorities have blockaded the city, there is a media blackout, no one is in the streets, all stores are closed. This is worse than “Walking Dead.”

I wish I could finish my e-novel, but thanks to the heat I have an excuse not to write.

However, while I melt you can visit my Amazon page to read about the books I wrote before the heat.







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One response to “I am melting as I write . . .

  1. Jim Jacquet

    Is it hot?


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