What do writing and a baseball pitcher have in common

It may not seem like writers and baseball pitchers have anything in common, but if you write and also, like me, are a fan of baseball, you may guess what I am getting at.

When a pitcher is going well, all his pitches working, his delivery fluid, is in sync with his catcher, throwing with grace and ease, even with 95 miles an hour pitches, the pitcher sails through the innings. When he does this he is in rhythm.

When a writer is in rhythm his eyes are on the keyboard-if you are like me-hunting and pecking, but in a rhythm where hunt and peck is quick, the keys found with lightening synchronicity of eyes and fingers in perfect-or near perfect-harmony;  eyes and fingers working like a pitcher and catcher, the writers thoughts, whether it be description, or dialogue, the words spinning out onto Word Doc with ease.

The writer’s understanding of his story, his plot, his characters, all of it embedded into his creative gray matter with no distractions to intrude into his fictional world does not always get into rhythm easily, but once the flow gets going, nothing can stop it. 

To get ready for rhythm the writer like the pitcher must prepare himself. The pitcher has a game plan for the day, he warms up in the bullpen, fine tuning his pitches before taking the mound. Once he feels comfortable and gets his rhythm, he dominates like Felix Hernandez or Clayton Kershaw. The writer can and perhaps should follow that same routine each day. Have a game plan for the days writing. Warm up with some writing exercises; write a blog, write stream of consciousness, any type of exercise to get your mind into a creative set, then get into your days work, following your game plan. You will get your rhythm and you may be the next Felix Hernandez of writing.



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