Do you read faster on an Amazon Kindle

I grew up reading books that you could hold in your hands. There was no other choice in the days of Guttenberg. I loved skimming through a new book, and yes, loved putting my nose close to the crease in the middle of the book and inhaling the books scent. They did not always smell the same, but they smelled great. Except for math books, they smelled confused.

I still buy old fashioned printed books to hold, honor, and cherish, and a little fondle now and then; but I also purchase e-Books as well as download free e-Books (more on this later).

I have discovered I read the books on my Kindle app much faster than hand held copies. I can only deduce that it is because the page that is displayed is such that I can almost read the whole page as one, my eyes seem to take it all in. The font is always nice, the spacing excellent, and the digital words a bit larger than printed ones. All of this makes reading, if not more fun, at least faster.

I am currently reading “Gateway” by Fredrick Pohl on my Kindle app and reading the old fashioned way “The Inventor and the Murderer” by Edward Ball. And “Gateway” is winning as I sail through the book.

I am liking the digital age. And if you have an e-reader of any kind may I recommend The Project Guttenberg. It is a website where you can download free books, not books by modern writers, but classics like “Adventures in Wonderland” by Lewis Carroll,  ” Last of the Mohicans” by James Fennimore Cooper; or writers like Edgar Allan Poe, James Thurber, Robert Benchley, Agatha Christie, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne. Mystery, science fiction, western, classics, even books and subjects for the eclectic among you. Literally something for everybody.

They can do this because the copyrights, like the authors, have expired. The books are now in public domain.

But if you want a quick read by an unexpired author may I humbly suggest my inexpensive e-Books found here.



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