Pick a book for your Kindle; three books on sale

Three books, all on sale for .99 this weekend.

My first book is “Loonies in the Dugout” based on the true story of Charlie Faust and the 1911 New York Giants. The novel is more than a baseball story, it is a satire on fame and celebrity. To this day no one knows if Charlie, who told Giants manager John McGraw that a fortune teller in Kansas told Charlie he would pitch the Giants to the pennant, was mentally challenged, a country hick, or was a bit loony. Within two weeks of arriving in New York he was starring in vaudeville and suiting up for Giant games. But would he pitch the Giants to the pennant? The story is told through Chet Koski a rookie on the team who is dating Eveleen Sullivan, a chorus girl on Broadway. Chet and Charlie will meet Bat Masterson, George M. Cohan, and Damon Runyon during the course of a wild baseball season.

The second e-novel, also based on a true story is “Loonies in Hollywood” in which Chet and Eveleen, now  married and living in Hollywood where Chet  writes movie scripts and Eveleen is an actress, try to solve the murder of silent film director William Desmond Taylor in 1922. Though in real life the murder was never solved, in my fiction life the murder is solved.  What could the reason be, however, for the killer to go free, even when making a confession? The story is Jazz Age setting with gin joints, an adorable flapper named Clancy, many suspects, a kidnapping, conspiracy, seedy characters, and worst of all, a stolen radio.

The third book is “Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms.” It is a collection of short stories, all with a horror theme, though some ghostly tales may be humorous, some horrific, and some spooky. All a Twilight Zone type of story.

My author’s page at Amazon is here:



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