I interupt this blog to bring you a commercial message

Even if not looking for a good e-book maybe you know somebody would enjoy one of these stories written by yours truly. Two are novels, one is a collection of horror stories.

The first novel is “Loonies in the Dugout.” Not just a baseball novel based on a true story in 1911 when I a goofy character thought he was a baseball player, and  ended up in Vaudeville within two weeks of arriving in New York-yes, this is true-and also thought he would lead the New York Giants to the pennant. And who is to say he didn’t; but the story is also about Chet Koski, a fictional character, a rookie on the team and his on again off again romance with Broadway chorus girl Eveleen Sullivan. Chet and the goofy Charlie Faust meet Bat Masterson, George M. Cohan, among others. The story is a satire on fame and celebrity.

Chet and Eveleen , now married in 1922 in “Loonies in Hollywood,” is also based on a true story, the unsolved murder of silent film director William Desmond Taylor. Chet is now a writer for a studio and Eveleen is a supporting actress. There are a few suspects who could have committed murder, a possible police cover-up, blackmail, some gin joints, a stolen radio that may end up being shot by a the killer, and Chet is arrested for the murder of Eveleen’s  old boyfriend. There is also a dynamic flapper named Clancy, a rich girl with a fancy car, who helps keep Chet and Eveleen on the right trail.

These two books are the first two of a series, though one can read the second and not be lost. The are independent of each other. But there will be a third book coming out this summer, another murder mystery.

The short story collection is “Cemetery Tales and other Phantasms,” most of which have to do with a cemetery; all are creepy Twilight Zone type stories. Thanks for reading.

Buy now before prices go up.

My amazon page is http://www.amazon.com/Terry-Nelson/e/B00EEVHN38



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