Writers inspiration from your desktop

Many writers need a trigger to start their day.

I uploaded a photo of J. D. Salinger to my desktop because he wrote everyday and I believed that would inspire me to devote myself to a days writing. It worked for two days, then I slacked off a bit and every time I saw his picture on my desktop I felt guilty. See ya J.D.

Then I uploaded a picture of a homeless person, so I would feel fortunate to have a home, to be able to write everyday, to take advantage of my situation, and to avoid being homeless myself, taking nothing for granted. It turned out to be too depressing. I gave the man a digital sandwich and moved on.

I then tried a picture of a tall, slender, long legged blonde in a bikini walking on a beach.  It lasted fifteen minutes. I knew I would never write, but I hid the picture in a folder, just in case I changed my mind later.

Next I had a friend take a picture of me at my keyboard typing away, a writer in progress. It seemed the perfect picture for the desktop as it showed me what I must do, what I need to do. After the picture was uploaded, my friend fell on the floor laughing hysterically, face turning red, tears flowing down her cheeks. I couldn’t write for a week. She couldn’t stop laughing for week. I don’t take a good picture. I should have worn pants though.

I tried many other photos, all with legitimate reasons behind them that would inspire me. At some point it dawned on my cobwebbed brain that I was wasting valuable writing time looking for inspiration.

What I really needed to do was just sit down and get to it. I need no inspiration. I just need to write. It is a job you know.



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2 responses to “Writers inspiration from your desktop

  1. A huge, “YES”, to that!! Currently, my only inspiration is my motivation to get this 1st draft of ” Edie’s Story” written! I’m having abit of a problem with depression; however, I’m beating it to a bloody pulp!! inspirations!! 😀


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