My perilous journey in changing my e-book cover

I liked my original cover for “Loonies in Hollywood.” It is a murder mystery based on the true unsolved murder of silent film director William Desmond Taylor. Of course my amateur detective solves the murder, but not without consequence for himself.  The books title is at top and below are four pictures. One of Taylor, one of actress Mabel Normand, one of the Hollywood sign, and the other of a gun. It cost me $5.

It is not that I am cheap, but as any e-novelist knows there are people who will design a cover for $150 on up and the cover is eye catching. There are also people who will edit your book for a price for exceeding your cover outlay. And their are people who will charge you to promote your book-because they are ‘experts’ in promoting. Many of these people are legit, some are not. Making any money for most of us are prohibited by these costs.

The only thing that troubled me about the cover was the lack of color and color is eye catching. I loved the design, but thought I would use the cover design tool at Amazon where my book resides. In an email from Amazon publishing I was told that ‘technically’ I could use my current design and add color background.

Once I got into the project I realized when the person used ‘technically’ the person was guessing.

It can’t be done.

Amazon has different designs, colors, and public domain photos. None of the photos were ideal, but I chose an empty directors chair, and after experimenting with styles and colors I came up with a new cover.

But there was one slight problem. While the cover successfully uploaded, the books content disappeared. The book was not live of course, just that now before going live I had to upload my content once again, so I went into my Word doc and uploaded the novel. After clicking publish I thought whoops!

I had to wait until an email from Amazon telling me my book was live to change it once again.

The reason is that I realized I may have uploaded my rough draft, thus the Whoops! So when I got my email I went back and uploaded the content from my formatter and clicked publish once again.

I hope everything is correct. I like the design as it is more eye catching, but only because of the solid colors. I like the design of the first book, buty have not figured out how to merge the better of both worlds. But this is where my journey has taken me and the journey is never over.

Here is the new cover of my book. Would appreciate your thoughts. I would create a hyperlink, but when I do for some mysterious reason it goes to a Century Link search engine and within the search box is my link. So strange.




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