Tips for writing in the summer heat

One day last summer it was 85 degrees with high humidity, so stifling hot a cold shower could not prevent me from sweating in my muggy room bent over a computer toiling on my e-novel. One must write whether  you are freezing or sweltering.

So what to do?

I decided rather than write in the morning-always best for me as my mind is clear, after having two cups of Oolong tea and some breakfast of course-that I would write in the cool of the evening. It is hard to break a habit, a pattern you are accustomed to, to get out of your comfort zone. It must be done.

How to go about it?

Consider this. In the morning you plan your evenings writing. Make a few notes about what you want to happen in the scenes you are writing, how you want to develop the story,  any preparatory work that once evening comes you are ready to dive in and get your work done.

My experience with this method was as follows. The cool of the evening is later than one thinks. I thought maybe around 7 PM, but the window by my work area acts as a conduit for blazing rays of sunstroke beaming directly from the sun onto my desk. If I were to work at this time I would need at least one more cold shower. I had to wait until the oven cooled down, the keyboard hot as a front burner someone forgot to turn off.

So I waited.

When the room had finally cooled off darkness had invaded the day long ago, chasing the sun away to another part of the world. It was perfect. But it was also late and I was dead tired. Maybe tomorrow.

The heat wave continued. It was hot enough to sap the strength of Superman, the heat a kryptonite for writers.

So I discovered another secret. Write only in winter, take the summer off and have fun.

Of course I could have used a large fan aimed directly at me, but I thought that was cheating somehow, and besides it meant working inside when it is so beautiful outside. I hope I have been of help. Writing is for winter.


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One response to “Tips for writing in the summer heat

  1. Hi, I live in Phoenix, AZ, where the outside temps get beyond 100 degrees in the summer–this when I become a bear, not in attitude, but behavior. I don’t go outside until way after sunset–I basically hibernate, hence the bear analogy. This has nothing, for me at least, to do with writing productivity. My major [I do mean major!!], problem is coping with depression. . .that’s for another time & blog!


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